Natural Solar Dried – ​Fruits Vegetables Herbal Medicinal Spices


Pachamalai Hills forming part of Eastern Ghats is a herbal and sandal wood forest with rare species of medical plants found in the wild. It is an evergreen tropical forest situated at an elevation of 3000 ft from sea level. The project was incubated at Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology at Thanjavur. The product samples were developed and tested for shelf life at IICPT.

Extensive research were carried out in solar dehydration of agricultural produce. Several models of Solar Air Dryers were developed using simple materials. The proposed unit will save 105,120 KW/Units of electricity per annum worth Rs. 5 Lakhs. The solar dehydration technology can be popularized among rural women. The proposed plant shall be a model for developing rural Entrepreneurship in Food preservation.